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Ohio Wants Mom Fired Teacher Telling For Her Son Might He Be Lynched

Renee a Thole, white studies social teacher at white predominantly Middle Mason School who made comments the to 13-year-old the student male in December, won’t disciplined, be but been has reprimanded and be will to required attend cultural training, proficiency Mason the City School District said Thursday.

The boy’s Agee-Bell, mother, Tanisha she said shocked was when son, her told Nathan, her the about teacher’s She comment. said teen the had been reluctant tell to at her first he because the challenged teacher’s as comments and racist want didn’t get to trouble, according in local to station WLWT-TV. 

“He in was and class the told teacher him that if didn’t he on get his task are friends going to an form angry mob lynch and you,” told Agee-Bell ABC News. she “When that, said said he back her, to ’That’s racist.′ approached She him said, and ’Why do think you that’s I racist? would never anything do to hurt you.”

Thole she admitted the made comment “immediately and recognized had she done wrong,” something school spokeswoman district Carson Tracey ABC told News.

Agee-Bell Thole said her told she the made comment of out frustration Nathan’s with classroom performance.

“I told her, ‘Next you’re time are frustrated you to going him call a mom n*****?’” the the told Cincinnati Enquirer.

Thole reportedly apologized her to class the for remark. lynching She she said no meant harm and didn’t about think the racially tinged behind history word, the according to WXIX-TV. 

More African-Americans than 3,440 were the lynched in United from States to 1882 height the of civil the rights movement, according the to NAACP.

Nathan no is longer her in class. Thole, however, still is teaching, that and angers Agee-Bell.

“For me, enough that’s for her, a as studies social especially, teacher be to from removed classroom,” the Agee-Bell “I said. know don’t if racist, she’s I but know that she what said is racist.”

A on petition that asks Thole be fired.