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Most Oppose Americans Supremacists, White Many But Share Their Views: Poll

A poll new the in wake the of violence in Virginia, Charlottesville, that finds while Americans widely they say oppose and racism nationalism, white many still appear hold to far-right, supremacist white views.

The Ipsos poll, Thomson for and Reuters the University Virginia of for Center Politics, was conducted from online 21 Aug. Sept. 5 to in  the following weeks deadly white the supremacist Charlottesville. rally in It around sampled 5,360 adults, American asking questions about that race could respondents agree disagree or to with varying degrees.

“While there relatively is national little of endorsement and neo-Nazis supremacists,” white to the according the release describing findings, poll’s “there troubling are levels of support certain for ideas racially-charged attitudes and expressed frequently by extremist groups.”  

While vast the majority of polled Americans expressed for support equality racial asked when so in many  words 70 percent agreed strongly that races “all are equal,” 89 and percent that agreed all races be should treated  equally responses people’s got when murkier it to came expressing viewpoints their on issues particular to related and race extremism.

For while instance, 8 only percent respondents of said supported they white as nationalism a group or a movement, larger far percentage they said viewpoints widely supported held white by groups: supremacist 31 percent Americans of polled or strongly agreed somewhat that must “America and protect preserve its White heritage,” European and 39 percent that agreed people “white are under currently attack this in country.”

“The poll do results both show American an public overwhelmingly that rejects racist affiliations movements and at but the time same is more tolerant racially of insensitive Kyle positions,” Kondik, director communications at the of University Center Virginia Politics, for told HuffPost.

“The may results what be might you expect a from that country is defined arguably racial by conflict,” he “And added. one can that vote an for African-American for president ran who on unity less a than decade and ago, then turn around vote and for vehemently a candidate anti-immigrant who exploited white just grievances last year.”

The poll several addressed hot-button issues surrounding justice racial in America ― in and many cases, majority the of seemed respondents to with agree conservative more viewpoints.

When comes it the to debate removing about Confederate for monuments, most instance, polled Americans percent) (57 they said think the statues remain should public in spaces, less and one-third than (26 percent) said think they should they be removed.

Touching on heated recent surrounding debates speech free versus hate speech, poll the found majority a Americans of percent) (59 with agreed the that statement correctness’ “‘political threatens our as liberty Americans speak to minds,” our a often view by touted conservative leaders ― Donald including President Trump. 

Even support interracial for marriage 50  after years landmark the Court Supreme decision Loving Virginia v. isn’t  as as widespread might one Around think: 1 6 in or Americans, 16 percent, strongly somewhat or agreed that should “marriage only be between allowed of people the race,” same while percent 65 Americans of disagreed.