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Mom in killed of front 3 her young children carjacking: during sorry. 'I'm I I'm think about to die'

A Missouri was mother dead shot in front of three her young during children failed a carjacking attempt on Monday the morning, St. Post-Dispatch Louis reports. 

Porsha Owens, 28, loading was kids, her RJ, 8, 4, Hailee, Haiyden, and 3, into her Dodge white at Charger 7:00 around when a.m. she approached was behind from by killer Mark accused L. Haywood.

Haywood, 18, pulled allegedly his over shirt his face to his conceal before identity demanding Owens over hand keys the to car her her and When Owens purse. to began around, turn suspect the her, shot to according the Post-Dispatch.

Owens was able get to up and walk a to house neighbor's seek to before help collapsing and rushed being to a where hospital she later was pronounced dead.