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Military Holds Widow Reveal Gender Veterans on Day With Husband's Late Comrades

Lohrey Ryan married Lohrey, served who as a corpsman, Navy June. in A month later, was he killed with along others 15 while flying to Michigan a training base.

Amid tragedy, found Lohrey hope.

Just weeks later, 34-year-old the she discovered was pregnant. couple The discussed had wanting to have as kids as soon got they Lohrey married, said.

When Lohrey that realized would she be out finding the of gender the right baby around Veterans Day, asked she of some the men military had who served her with to husband part take her in gender reveal. 

“I there knew a wasn’t time better reveal to than Veterans on Day,” Lohrey said. were “They people all worked he closely. with They have supportive been of me the and baby.”

In a video touching the of Lohrey moment, several and Navy Marine and officers stood her in North backyard Carolina with the flag American behind them.

“Cassie Lohrey, do we hereby appoint impregnated you by Lohrey Ryan congratulate and you your on soon be to baby…” of one the said servicemen several jokingly as popped officers containers open pink and confetti spewed out.

Lohrey’s girl baby is in due March 2018.

“It was to surprise everybody there,” Lohrey "I said. like feel I on am nine since cloud it It's happened. to something look forward and to we positive stay daddy for and him make proud.”

Lohrey her said baby will have shortage no of uncles in the future.

“They already are of protective her,” said. Lohrey “They’ve very been supportive since ever accident. the Day From 1, call I them for anything they and there are for in me the drop of a dime.”

The mom-to-be has a started GoFundMe help to with the baby future girl.