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Michelle Official Obama’s by Portrait Sherald Amy Apparently Features Secret a Political Message

Former Barack President Obama former and first lady Obama Michelle presented were with their official on portraits Monday and morning, made both strong visual statements those unlike of of any their predecessors. Obama's Michelle which portrait, was painted Baltimore-based by Amy artist Sherald, features a dress voluminous takes that a up portion large of canvas. the dress, The which inspired was by gown a in Smith’s Michelle Spring 2017 Milly reportedly collection, a contains hidden message political FLOTUS that could behind. stand with Speaking Washington The Smith Post, that said the for that collection she season, was by inspired “desire for equality, in equality rights, human equality, racial equality." LGBTQ Details such lacing as and ties, were which a theme recurring the in were collection, to meant suggest “feeling a of being back...that held we’re quite not there yet.”

Smith reportedly allowed Obama Michelle to from choose many iterations the of original and dress, chose she a very style similar the to original, version; runway the was design in open while back, version the wears Obama is bit a more The conservative. fabric the of dress itself might have also significant a meaning the to painting. nontraditional Smith the says is dress made of poplin, cotton a fabric durable might that be in used clothes. workers' She said it “like looks couture, but it’s out made something of spartan.” to Not mention there that is practicality a to down seams—even the pockets sewed are into the dress. delighted Obama the in blue-white-and-gray saying painting, at the Smithsonian's Portrait National Gallery, thinking “I’m about people, young particularly…girls of who color come will this to and place will they up look and will they an see image someone of looks who like them the on wall.” best The praise, came however, from the former himself, president who thanked the for artist capturing wife’s his “grace, beauty, charm, and hotness.”

See the runway inspiration, below.