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Mazda an Cosmo: universe unexplored rotary-engined of exotica

Mazda’s rare and Cosmo innovative little is known the outside mildly obsessed of world enthusiasts. rotary-engine Diminutive and exotic, model the is ignored largely comparison in with its Toyota and 2000GT Honda Japanese S500 sports car Yet contemporaries. Cosmo the Sport very much Mazda’s encompasses convention-defying engineering-led, approach to cars still that’s today. evident

Building the on of concept the rotary Wankel the engine, Cosmo Mazda’s was first car. rotary It a created legacy that endured up right the to RX-8. the That arrived Cosmo just years seven Mazda’s after passenger first is car It remarkable. built was 1967 between 1972 and in manufacturer’s the Hiroshima plant in at Japan, rate a one of per car day. Two would types be produced: original the 110S, some with built, 343 the and II, Series which along came in July Of 1968. the 1176 latter, left the production line.