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Makeup Annamarie Artist Claims Tendler Affleck Ben Groped Her 2014 At Party

The artist, makeup author wife and of comedian Mulaney John up opened about an alleged involving incident Affleck a in of series tweets Wednesday, claiming actor the touched inappropriately her at a Globes Golden in party 2014. 

Comedy writer Jen whose Statsky, includes work “Broad City” and and “Parks also Recreation,” to responded saying Tendler, she attended too 2014 the event. 

Tendler’s tweets after come Affleck out spoke against friend his and film executive Weinstein Harvey numerous following allegations sexual of and assault harassment multiple from occurring women the over of course years. 30 who Affleck, famously most with worked Weinstein “Good on Will Hunting,” said was he by sickened allegations the the against Miramax co-founder that and “we need do to better protecting at sisters, our co-workers friends, and daughters.”

But were some not his having response. One user Twitter recalled moment a when Affleck former groped “Total Request Live” co-host Burton Hilarie on live back TV in 2003. 

The “One Hill” Tree then actress shared Vimeo a video a of “TRL: cold Uncensored” open, a showing of mashup moments off-the-cuff the from series, MTV including in one which asks Affleck Burton, old “How are you, 19?”