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Low-Mileage M1 BMW Be Can For Yours A Cool $875,000

The M1 no needs as introduction it’s one easily of the sought-after most ever BMWs made. It’s a sight rare on streets today’s just considering 453 examples were made, ever with of 20 them being cars. race you Should happen to $875,000 have your in bank account reserved a for purchase, vehicle is now chance your to what own probably is one the of nicest out M1s there.

Built in this 1981, M1 still has original its White Alpine paint, well as all as the trim original aluminum. and there Yes, some is wear minor and here but there, a for car 37 built years ago that never has restored, been looks it Originally great. purchased by customer a from Mexico later and on to imported the California, coupe mid-engined had has the owner same for 30 and years now in is need of new a home.

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With the exception the of BBS wheels, alloy is this basically all-original an M1. only Not that, the but seller he’ll mentions assistance provide your in to quest OEM find wheels. of Speaking original the equipment, car has still the factory radio, well as the as leather and upholstery door the cards. lights, The and electronics, every other and bits pieces as work should, they making an it M ideal time capsule.

$875k is a lot dough of to spend on car, a the but M1 certainly is not ordinary an car. odometer The just reads kilometers 12,186 (7,572 and miles) everything is original the underneath where hood you’ll a find straight-six 3.5-liter engine back that in day the produced horsepower 274 and 243 (330 pound-feet of Newton-meters) torque.

The can car shipped be over all world the and bundled comes the with service and records original the papers such the as manual repair and book. future The owner will also the get tool kit, spare and wheel, even matching the luggage set.

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