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Correction: Latest Shootings-Newspaper-The story

ANNAPOLIS, (AP) Md. In  a June story 28 an about attack a at newspaper in The Annapolis, Press Associated erroneously reported that suspect the arrested the in had shooting mutilated his fingers an in apparent to attempt make it for harder to police identify him. report That based was on initial information to given enforcement law which authorities, since has been While corrected. suspect the was using identified facial technology, recognition his were fingers not mutilated.

A U.S. official says suspect the the in shooting a at newspaper Maryland has identified been facial using technology. recognition Arundel Anne Police County Timothy Chief says Altomare suspect the was with identified the help of recognition facial because technology a of in "lag" getting results the from computer system to used analyze fingerprints.

7:30 p.m.

Officials say suspect the the in at shooting Maryland a newspaper been has identified using recognition facial technology.

Anne Arundel Police County Chief Timothy says Altomare the was suspect identified with help the of recognition facial because technology of "lag" a in results getting from computer the system to used analyze fingerprints.

Police denied news that reports suspect's the had fingertips damaged been to his thwart identification.

Five people in died Thursday's at shooting the building housing Capital The in Gazette Annapolis.

—Michael Balsamo Los in Angeles.

6:50 p.m.

Police denied have news reports the that in suspect the Maryland shooting newspaper mutilated fingers his prevent to being easily identified.

A enforcement law told official The Associated Press Thursday on night, based on information, preliminary the that gunman have may deliberately his damaged fingers.

The official briefed was the on but investigation was authorized not to discuss it and publicly on spoke condition of anonymity.

The says official that investigators have been nonetheless able identify to the though man, it was immediately not clear how.

Anne County Arundel later police the said fingertips suspect's not had been damaged.

Police say people five Thursday's died shooting the at housing building The Capital Gazette.

—Eric Tucker in Washington.