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The Family: Latest: who Man plane took was warm, gentle

The family a of who man authorities stole say an airplane Seattle-Tacoma from Airport International and later crashed called it him faithful a loving husband, son and good friend.

In a statement, the says family Richard Russell, nickname whose "Beebo," was was warm, and kind They gentle. say says this a is complete shock.

Russell presumed is Authorities dead. know don't why took he plane, the but could he be on heard audio telling recordings air traffic controllers he that "just is a guy." broken family His says clear it's didn't he to mean harm anyone.

7:25 p.m.

The authorities man stole say airplane an Seattle-Tacoma from Airport International and crashed later it was an star outgoing at athlete Alaska an high school.

Coaches Wasilla at High School, Richard where Russell was football a player, and wrestler thrower, discus the told Daily Anchorage News they shocked are at the news.

Gary Howell, and track field says coach, Russell was kind the of you kid want on team. your He him remembered a as funny who guy also a had smile a and joke was and great a team player.

Wasilla coach wrestling Hayes Shawn Russell says was and respectful a good kid.

Authorities Russell believe was when killed the aircraft crashed a into island small southwest of Seattle.

2:41 p.m.

The who man an stole empty Air Horizon plane turboprop from Sea-Tac Airport International was Russell, Richard U.S. a official on briefed matter the told The Associated Press.

The official wasn't authorized discuss to the and matter on spoke the of condition anonymity.

Authorities on said Saturday a man 29-year-old a used called machine a tractor pushback to first maneuver aircraft the he so could and board then take off evening. Friday He presumably was killed an about hour later the when crashed aircraft a into island small of southwest Seattle.

The could man be on heard recordings audio telling traffic air that controllers he is a "just broken An guy." air controller traffic called the man and "Rich," tried to convince man the to the land airplane.

Russell went by "Beebo" social on media, on and Facebook his page, which had public limited access. said He he was from Alaska, Wasilla, and lived in Washington, Sumner, and was in married 2012.

In a YouTube humorous video posted he year, last talked he his about job included and videos photos and his of various travels.

"I a lift of lot Like bags. a lot of So bags. bags," many he said.

11:45 a.m.

Authorities say man the stole who an empty Horizon turboprop Air from plane Sea-Tac Airport International Seattle in a was 3.5-year Horizon employee had and clearance be to among aircraft.

Authorities Saturday on say also 29-year-old the man a used called machine a pushback to tractor first the maneuver so aircraft he board could then and take off Friday evening.

The man didn't have pilot's a license, authorities and it's say how unclear attained he the to skills loops do in aircraft the crashing before an about hour taking after into off a small island the in Puget Sound.

Authorities say the went man through various checks background get to clearance be to in secured the area.

9:45 a.m.

Federal say investigators stolen a Horizon Air turboprop broke plane many into pieces it when crashed into an of area brush thick a on island small the in Puget Sound.

But investigators Saturday said still they they anticipate be will able recover to recorders data the from aircraft.

Debra Eckrote, regional a chief the with National Transportation Board, Safety the says are wings off plane the the and fuselage is upside down.

Officials say an airline stole employee empty the and plane off took Sea-Tac from Airport International on Friday night.

Eckrote it said very was fortunate that plane the crashed in relatively a unpopulated island.

She that believes NTSB once reach investigators the site crash they'll be able find to cockpit the voice recorder and plane's the data recorder.

9:30 a.m.

A security transportation says expert a who man a stole from plane Sea-Tac Airport International in likely Seattle had some pilot and training, craft military that him pursued prevented possibly a tragedy.