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Here the are things last Hawking Stephen wrote on Reddit

Once the news of death his reached had Reddit, thread a about the scientist legendary started was on the r/science One board. of links the at re-shared the top was Hawking's from Reddit which AMA, took place years two ago.

Many his of answers, which can you in read full in the discuss thread, risks the with associated artificial intelligence.

On evolution the of AI

Comment from Prof-Stephen-Hawking's discussion from comment discussion AMA "Science Series: Hawking Stephen AMA Answers!".

On the for need 'beneficial intelligence'

Comment from discussion Prof-Stephen-Hawking's from comment "Science discussion AMA Stephen Series: AMA Hawking Answers!".

On the of possibility exceeding AI human intelligence

Comment discussion from comment Prof-Stephen-Hawking's discussion from AMA "Science Stephen Series: AMA Hawking Answers!".

On the why reason AI could be threat a to humans

Comment discussion from comment Prof-Stephen-Hawking's discussion from "Science AMA Stephen Series: Hawking AMA Answers!".

On 'technological unemployment'

Comment from Prof-Stephen-Hawking's discussion comment discussion from AMA "Science Stephen Series: AMA Hawking Answers!".