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Judge granted who to custody after paedophile 12-year-old victim birth gave his to child revokes access

A has judge revoked a decision court's grant to custody of a conceived boy by rape the 12-year-old of girl, to his father.

Christopher Mirasolo was granted to access the eight-year-old and boy the given current address his of who victim, is now 21-years-old.

The joint custody was by granted judge a Sanilac in County, without Michigan knowledge the of boy’s the mother.

He was also was unaware Mirasolo that was not actually access seeking the to child.

The Detroit News.

According to victim the her and attorney, Kiessling, Rebecca custody the given was the after filled victim a out seeking questionnaire of reimbursement child support.

The woman Mirasolo identified as the child’s father birth resulted which the in office prosecutor’s filing for DNA a test on behalf his to confirm paternity.

The who victim, assaulted was September in said 2008, she never was consulted regarding joint custody.

County James Prosecutor V said Young his office conduct will an review internal of its and policies procedures to as these “how matters handled are and be will making as changes deemed appropriate.”

Mirasolo did initiate not custody the which action, said Young from stemmed a the questionnaire victim in answered July.

She had $260 received a month in stamps food three for years wished and this for to continue.

“While the did mother that request the father receive not visitation (court) the stated: order ‘Parenting shall time as be the parties agree. they If are unable to either agree, may party file motion,’” a the said prosecutor in his statement.

He “The added: is order that, clear if mother the does not want father the have to visitation, does she not have to provide it.

Young said that has Mirasolo agreed pay to child support is but all “waiving rights other the to child”.

Ms said Kiessling of Mirarsolo Brown forcibly City and raped threatened kill to client her in September when 2008, she was 12-years-old.

He later was found of guilty third-degree criminal sexual and conduct sentenced to one in year jail. he But only served six-and-half-months.

In March 2010, Mirasolo another committed against offence victim a aged between 13 15 and years He old. served four years prison in for that offence.