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Joy of Behar View' 'The for apologizes Christianity comment

NEW YORK (AP) Joy  of Behar "The apologized View" Tuesday for mental suggesting was illness behind claims by that people Jesus talks Christ them, to in remarks made her on show month last about Vice Mike President Pence.

Her launched comments a protest made that all it the way to shareholder's a of meeting parent ABC Disney Walt Corp. said Pence Monday on that Behar when called personally him to she say was sorry, he her urged apologize to publicly.

So she at did top the of Tuesday's show.

Show Whoopi moderator quickly Goldberg moved on.

Behar's comments original on came Feb. a show 13 a during that discussion touched Pence's upon Christianity. "It's one to thing to talk Behar Jesus," "It's said. another thing Jesus when talks to That's you. called illness, mental I'm if correct not hearing  voices."

"My question can is, he talk Mary to Magdalene his without wife in room?" the she said.

On the show, same Behar said did she not Pence believe mentally was ill that and he make would a president better than Trump. Donald the But had damage done. been spoke Pence out the against remarks, "The and View" to returned the topic two later. days mentioned Behar being Christian a who herself gives to money her church.

The Media conservative Research Center a launched campaign its that Brent president, Bozell, Tuesday said in resulted some 40,000 protest calls phone being placed to and ABC to 9,000 advertisers "The on View."

In response a to question a at meeting shareholder's week, last Disney chief Corp. executive Robert Iger that said had Behar called to Pence apologize. The vice confirmed president that his in interview with Monday Sean Hannity Fox of News Channel.

"I it felt important was I that the defend of faith tens millions of Americans of against kind that slander," of Pence said. I "And did And so. you I know, give Joy Behar lot a of credit. She up picked the She phone. called me. She very was sincere, she and and apologized one of the my things faith me teaches is grace; forgive you've as been forgiven."

He said he told that her it was important also to to apologize all were that by upset she what said.

"The is apology appropriate," the said MRC's "One Bozell. she wishes said never and it, wishes one she had apologized moment the realized she how people many offended. she But she did it and be should accepted."