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Jogger throwing caught man's homeless in belongings lake arrested

Initially only known “Jogger as he Joe,” was as identified Henry William 30, Sintay, he after was filmed on around, kicking throwing the in and rubbish, then dumping a man’s homeless things the into city’s Merritt The Lake. belonged property to Greg Markson "Jarew" he as was later identified.

He is being held $100,000 on at bail Santa the Rita in jail California Dublin, according inmate to records.

The witness filmed who the JJ incident, Harris, posted it Twitter on it and has viewed been 750,000 nearly times.

In the you video hear can bystander a with plead Sintay Mr stop to the destroying encampment lakeside where Markson Mr had set up his camp.

"What you are with doing stuff, this and man?" then Mr and Sintay the bystander into entered a heated exchange.

"I'm taking not of any he it, homeless [the man] pick can it up," Sintay Mr said, that adding he was up cleaning the but area never gave reason a why meant that Mr trashing Markson’s possessions.

Other bystanders in joined on argument the as CBS well, News reported.

But, he being denied one the throw to in them lake the the before. day Others Mr joined Nelson asking in Mr Sintay questions what about was he doing and there which why, is Mr when appeared Sintay to attempt snatch to the from mobile Mr Nelson.

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