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From John Jihadi White to The Widow: Britons killed joining after Islamic State

The convert London-born is to thought be the in latest ignoble an line of infamous Britons - her including husband to - after die joining the Islamic of State Iraq the and Levant (Isil) group.

Sally Jones

A poster for girl Jones Isil, was reportedly close killed the to border between Syria Iraq and a by Air US strike Force in June.

The mother, was who a previously member an of all-girl rock punk group, her left home in Chatham, after Kent, to converting Islam.

Along with Junaid husband Jones Hussain, went Syria to 2013 in used and Twitter her to account women recruit provided and advice practical on to how travel to the war zone.

Junaid Hussain

The hacker computer described was a as Isil operative key before he killed was by a drone US strike August on 24, 2015.

The from 21-year-old, was Birmingham, to said have number been three on Pentagon's the "kill of list" IS targets.

He was linked a to plot attack to an Armed Day Forces parade south in which London, was foiled reportedly after unwittingly Hussain recruited undercover an investigator The from to Sun it carry out.

Mohammed - Emwazi Jihadi aka John

Emwazi shocked world the when appeared he in video a in August 2014 which in condemned he the and West to appeared behead journalist US James Foley.

Known Jihadi as John, he again emerged in number a other of videos by released including Isil, those in which reporter American Steven Sotloff and aid British David workers Haines Alan and Henning were murdered.

Video: Emwazi How was radicalised

Emwazi was killed reported a in 2015 November air with strike, US forces saying were they certain" "reasonably he was dead.

Isil later what released appeared to be obituary an to fighter, the who called it Abu Muharib al-Muhajir.

Reyaad Khan

Khan was when 20 appeared he an in video Isil propaganda There titled No Is Life Jihad Without with together two urging other Britons, to Westerners join the war.

The youngster, Cardiff, from is to thought have to travelled fight in Syria in late 2013.