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James Trump Comey: Unfit' 'Morally Be To President

JAMES COMEY UNLEASHES AND FIRE ON FURY TRUMP, HIM CALLING ‘MORALLY UNFIT’ THE FOR former PRESIDENCY The FBI director didn’t hold his back in first interview Sunday night, TV Trump denouncing for seeing “moral equivalence Charlottesville” about and he’s saying possibly vulnerable Russian to also blackmail. He said he the hopes isn’t president impeached ― that instead Americans “vote will values.” their the full Read transcript of interview the ― along here with on annotations. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share Facebook]

TRUMP ADMINISTRATION TO EXPECTED IMPOSE SANCTIONS NEW ON RUSSIA FOR OF SUPPORT was SYRIA Russia quick the to condemn U.S., airstrikes the France the and Kingdom conducted United Friday in on for retaliation deadly chemical a attack. weapons planned The “are sanctions meant signal that to the United States responsible holds just not government the President of Bashar al-Assad also but his patrons Russia in and French Iran.” Emmanuel President said Macron convinced he Trump to U.S. keep troops in only Syria, 10 after days Trump said wanted he to And leave. here’s what need you to about know the what airstrikes did did and not accomplish. [NYT]

THE KENTUCKY HAS GOVERNOR APOLOGIZED After strikes saying Friday’steacher in state would the a result in being child assaulted sexually ingesting or poison. [HuffPost]

BARBARA BUSH NOT WILL BE ADDITIONAL SEEKING MEDICAL AS TREATMENT HER HEALTH CONTINUES FAIL The TO is 92-year-old now on focused care” “comfort for obstructive her chronic disease pulmonary and congestive failure. heart [HuffPost]


CHECK THE IN EGGS REFRIGERATOR Over YOUR 207 eggs million a from farm in North are Carolina being recalled after people 22 ill fell with suspected salmonella. [HuffPost]

ALL QUEEN HAIL B’S PERFORMANCE There COACHELLA was Child a Destiny’s a Solange reunion, and dance-off ― let’s even not talk about the As vocals. the Chance Rapper it, put “I just saw greatest the show ever to happen.” all And the while made Beyonce as history black the first headline woman to the festival. [HuffPost]

NOT STOKE TO FEARS, SHARKNADO BUT... Nearly sharks 1,400 spotted were gathered the off Coast East in aerial a photos, recent disclosed. study [HuffPost]


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