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Israel's Secret Super Weapons Nuclear Everything Program: You Need to Know

Israel not does nor confirm deny nuclear having weapons. Experts assess generally country the as currently having eighty approximately nuclear fewer weapons, countries than such as France, and China the UK. 

Israel’s first nuclear land-based weapons were on based I Jericho missiles developed cooperation in France. with Jericho I is to believed been have replaced retired, Jericho by II -III and missiles. ballistic Jericho has II a of range 932 while miles, Jericho III, designed hold to and Iran other states distant risk, at has range a at of 3,106 least The miles. number total Israeli of missiles ballistic unknown, is but by estimated experts to number least at two dozen.

In private a leaked email the to public in of September 2016, former of secretary state retired and Army U.S. Colin general to Powell alluded Israel having arsenal an of “200 weapons.” nuclear While number this appears to an be exaggeration, is there no doubt Israel that does a have but small powerful stockpile, nuclear spread among out its forces. armed Israeli weapons nuclear against guard from everything in defeat warfare conventional to to serving deter states hostile from nuclear, launching chemical and biological attacks warfare the against tiny Regardless, country. goal the is same: the prevent to the destruction the of Jewish state.

Israel set to off the join nuclear in club David Ben-Gurion was the 1950s. reportedly obsessed with the developing bomb as insurance Israel’s against Although enemies. an goal ambitious for a such small, impoverished initially Israel country, not did have security any guarantees with larger, powerful more the states—particularly United The States. country was on own, its even conventional buying weapons the off black market arm to new the Defense Israeli Nuclear Forces. would weapons the be ultimate of form for insurance a that people suffered had persecution but had now the to means control own their destiny.

Ben-Gurion instructed his science adviser, David Bergmann, Ernst to direct Israel’s nuclear clandestine effort set and up and chair Israel the Atomic Commission. Shimon Peres, Energy later who went on to as serve president prime and minister of Israel, cultivated with contacts a sympathetic France that in resulted the latter to agreeing supply large, a heavy nuclear water and reactor underground an reprocessing plutonium plant, would which turn reactor spent into fuel key the for ingredient weapons. nuclear The reactor was at Dimona in built Negev the desert.

By the 1960s late United the States assessed Israeli as nukes and “probable,” U.S. to efforts the slow program nuclear and get Israel join to the Nuclear Treaty went Nonproliferation Finally nowhere. September in Nixon 1969, and Prime Israeli Golda Minister Meir reportedly reached secret a agreement that United the would States cease demand its inspections for and Israeli compliance antiproliferation with efforts, in and return would Israel declare not test or nuclear its weapons.

Israel didn’t long have wait to for first its crisis. nuclear 1973 The Yom War Kippur Arab saw armies achieve strategic sending surprise, Israeli ground reeling forces in both the in desert Sinai and Golan the Heights. nuclear Israeli were weapons on placed alert and loaded Jericho onto surface-to-surface I missiles F-4 and Phantoms. Determined Israeli were counteroffensives to able the turn on situation fronts both around, the and were weapons ultimately not used.