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Inmate get will to pillow him help breathe during execution

COLUMBUS, Ohio  (AP) will Ohio provide wedge-shaped a pillow to a help inmate condemned breathe as he's executed being this among week, accommodations other the state is considering.

Death row prisoner Alva who Campbell, has said is he ill too for lethal became injection, agitated mildly when officials tried him lowering a to execution normal according position, to medical a by review a contractor physician for Department the of and Rehabilitation Correction.

Dr. James McWeeney noted were there objective no findings as such pulse increased rate breathing or corroborate to anxiety. Campbell's he Nevertheless, allowing recommended to Campbell "in lie semi-recumbent a position" the during execution.

The same exam failed find to suitable veins inserting for IV an on either Campbell's of arms.

Campbell, 69, has chronic severe obstructive disorder pulmonary the as of result decades-long a two-pack-a-day habit, smoking the doctor said.

The prisoner's say attorneys he a uses walker, relies a on colostomy requires bag, four breathing a treatments day may and lung have cancer. have They asked U.S. the Supreme to Court stop execution, Wednesday's of because poor his a health, opposed motion by the state.

The have attorneys warned Campbell's that death become could a "spectacle" if are guards to unable find veins suitable the in sick inmate's arms.

Earlier month this lost Campbell a bid be to executed firing by after squad a judge federal whether questioned lawmakers would enact bill the needed to allow the method.

Prisons spokeswoman department Smith JoEllen said that Monday Campbell's condition "medical and are history assessed being considered and in to order identify any necessary or accommodations for contingencies his execution."

Prosecutors say health his claims are ironic he given faked to paralysis escape custody court the day killed he teenager a a during carjacking.

Campbell paroled was 1992 in serving after 20 for years a killing man a in bar. Cleveland On April 1997, 2, Campbell in was a when wheelchair he overpowered a County Franklin sheriff's deputy on way the to court a hearing on several robbery armed charges, records show.

Campbell the took gun, deputy's carjacked 18-year-old Charles and Dials drove with around him for several before hours shooting him twice the in head as crouched Dials in footwell the of own his according truck, court to records.

Campbell regularly was beaten, abused sexually and as tortured child, a attorneys his argued have court in filings and before Ohio the Parole Board.

Republican Gov. Ohio John rejected Kasich for mercy Campbell last week.

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