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Homeless 9, Boy, for Asks 'Forever a Home' in Letter Tear-Jerking to Santa

His read: letter “To this Santa, year for please Christmas I can have a forever I home. don’t any want toys new I just want of all my toys old that are storage in I and would like own my bedroom Lego with a desk build to models. my is Everyone living sad here I and want just us be to happy Thank again. you have and a lovely Christmas, from love Louis Williams.”

Williams that explained they homeless became she after fell on behind rent, paying holding despite job a a as teacher student running and business a organizing children’s parties.

“I really work hard, but just afford can’t rent the here,” down said. she “I feel I’ve like really let down. him Seeing all what other the are children for, asking this my breaks heart.”

She and her kids three are living currently in a duplex two-bedroom and on are the waiting for list more permanent accommodations.

However, explained she tight the living have conditions taken toll their on whose Louis, grades begun have due slipping to stress.