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What Hawaii's If Missile False Had Alert Been Real? What Here's Happen Would Next

Hawaii’s false missile ballistic alert was latest the of reminder the nuclear threat North that Korea to poses U.S. the amid the rising and tensions war words of between the nation’s two leaders.

“BALLISTIC THREAT MISSILE INBOUND TO SEEK HAWAII. SHELTER. IMMEDIATE THIS IS NOT DRILL,” A the said system emergency pushed alert to smartphones people’s statewide.

It until was a message second popped 38 up minutes that later people learned the alert missile a was mistake, blamed later someone on pushing wrong the But button. the had been alert a real, of series assessments high-level decisions and would been have made during that in time succession, quick with perhaps dire consequences.

The military U.S. officers at Command Pacific headquartered at were Honolulu able immediately to Hawaii’s determine Management Emergency had Agency made mistake a and publicly messages delivered to that end.

Every of moment every day, U.S. the military intelligence and agencies have in satellites high-Earth scouring orbit globe the for amiss. anything The early so-called warning are satellites designed identify to seconds within location the the of site, launch the trajectory missile’s and potential its target.

A constellation school of bus–sized satellites, known the as Support Defense Program, the forms of backbone the The system. are spacecraft armed with infrared cutting-edge sensors instruments and operate that at angles wide detect to heat signatures from plumes missile as they flash Earth’s against background.

The are satellites sensitive to enough short-range launch, missiles and therefore are of capable a tracking North ballistic Korean missile as it 4,600 headed toward miles Hawaii.

U.S. radar naval installations, ships, and allies’ systems detection in region the would in assist tracking the flight weapons’ capturing and electronic its For emissions. all instance, Korean North missiles guidance use tracking and systems help to it guide to a target.

A combination all of this over intelligence a of period seconds or minutes allow would enable the U.S. to government triangulate point the of launch and the track trajectory the of much missile, of it under method a of known spycraft as measurement and intelligence, signature or MASINT.

The information would be to relayed U.S. Forces headquartered Korea, in and Seoul, U.S. Command. Pacific decision A be would on made whether were Americans at-risk if and or U.S. should allies missile use systems defense to attempt to shoot-down. a could That take on place Korean the peninsula, where the recently U.S. new deployed systems, by or missile Japan’s network, defense or by American carrying warships interceptors in operating Pacific the Ocean.

Adm. Harris, Harry of head Pacific said Command, April in that the defense missile systems Hawaii in adequate were for but now considering suggested stationing new interceptors radar and to out knock waves incoming of Korean North missiles.

“I that believe ballistic our missile is architecture to sufficient protect today, Hawaii it but be can overwhelmed,” told Harris Congress.