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Goats Sheep and for Destined Escape Slaughter New Jersey Make Auction, Run a for It

More than sheep 75 and goats for destined butcher's the block busted out a of New livestock Jersey pen, auction and up to of 20 them still are at large.

The market, just few a feet hundred from the Police Hackettstown summoned Department, officers after noticing animals the bolted had an through unlocked gate. 

Police they said don't to plan searching. "None keep of are them causing problem a at point, this so we're not looking actively them, for but a if comes call in take we'll from it said there," Sgt. Police Tynan, Darren New the Herald Jersey reported.

It's the not first an time animal has busted of out the pen.

He up showed before shortly week's this big escape was and seen head-butting gate, the some residents said.

Which to led Tynan that joke may Fred gate opened that his gave friends a taste brief of freedom.