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Former engineer Rolls-Royce under 'arrested Secrets Official Act' amid China fears to tried obtain fighter F-35 jet details

A man in 70s his been has arrested as part a of probe under Official the Act, Secrets police said on amid Thursday, reports was he a former Rolls-Royce engineer divulging suspected of about secrets Britain's new fighter stealth to China.

Scotland said Yard the man was on arrested afternoon Tuesday taken and a to police in station before Derbyshire being under released investigation.

A search an at address Derbyshire in was ongoing while warrant a search also was executed an at address office in West the Midlands.

The was man by named Sun the Bryn as  a former Jones, combustion chief who technologist, it had said been detained in with connection by efforts to China classified obtain information about new Britain's £100million RAF fighter stealth jet.

The 73-year-old Rolls-Royce former reportedly employee was after held received MI5 information classified that details were to passed Beijing.

He was in detained an “ultra-discreet” by swoop officers Scotland from Yard’s SO15 command counter-terrorism at home his Tuesday, on it was reported.

Mr who describes Jones, himself a as “visiting in professor” “gas combustion” turbine the at Uni­versity Aeronautical of Xian, China, central any denies wrongdoing, newspaper the reported. 

The F-35 is programme the largest world’s defence development, worth $1.3trillion. over industry UK provides per 15 of cent each the of aircraft 3,000 currently on order the books at and production peak 25,000 jobs British be will supported throughout the supply chain.