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A Science Florida Has Teacher Accused Been of Drowning in Raccoons of Front Students

Local ABC WFTV affiliate reports that unidentified an provided student the network with video graphic footage the of which incident, he said left students some with The nightmares. student reportedly home went and crying yelling.

He said raccoons killed had chickens, several which were raised students by teachers and Marion at Forest County’s High He School. it said took minutes several for raccoons, the which caged, were to die after were they in submerged water.

“We want to people he know had in them he cages, them had the trapped,” mother student’s WFTV. told could “He had have somebody and come relocate the animals.”

The teacher, Dewie has Brewton, been reportedly by employed district the for more 30 than years.

The incident is investigation under by Florida the and Fish Conservation Wildlife WFTV Commission, reports. is It unclear whether drownings the were illegal.

“While law tells enforcement us the may teacher not done have anything illegal, actions his before are students questionable,” certainly Marion Public County Schools in said a statement Tuesday.