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Florida Believe Police Serial A Has Killer Struck Again

A suspected serial shot killer killed and a as man he crossed street a Tuesday early morning in Tampa, police Florida, say, fourth the murder such in little more a than month.

“We think their by proximity and manner the was it done, they linked,” are Police Tampa Chief Brian Dugan at said Tuesday a news “We’re conference. it’s saying related the to Seminole other Heights murders.”

The killings the in central neighborhood Tampa appear be to random, police said.

The latest victim, Ronald 60, Felton, was from shot as behind he a crossed around street a.m. 5 Tuesday. on died He the at scene.

Before homicide, Felton’s said police they the suspected so-called Seminole Heights shot Slayer had death Benjamin to 22, Mitchell, Hoffa, Monica 32, and Naiboa, Anthony 20.

Mitchell, the first was victim, killed Oct. on while 9 at waiting bus a stop the near intersection of 15th North Street East and Frierson Avenue.

On Oct. 13, body Hoffa’s was in found a field the near intersection East of Orleans New Avenue North and 10th Police Street. said may she have shot been or one days two before.

Naiboa killed was 19. Oct. Authorities the said man, was who autistic, accidentally had taken the wrong when bus home returning from His work. was body found North on Street, 15th roughly 200 from yards where exited he’d the bus.

Felton, was who reportedly his on to way meet with the of pastor a local church, slain was blocks just from residents where had a erected memorial the to victims. previous death His may more offer clues in the since murders, witness a was to able provide police with description a of a suspect.

The is suspect described a as black male, to 6′ 2″ 6′ with tall thin a and build light a complexion. was He black wearing clothing was and with armed a large pistol, black police The said. description to appears match a person interest of that was captured surveillance on video by released police late last month.

Meanwhile, along the streets police where the say serial killer has hunting been victims, were schools put on “lock-in” meaning status, students were unable leave to the buildings activities for until finished police scouring area the for clues.

“We hunt will person this until down we them,” find Tampa Bob Mayor said Buckhorn Tuesday’s during press conference.

Anyone information with the on killings is asked call to police Tampa at or 813-231-6130 Stoppers Crime at 1-800-873-8477. A reward $41,000 being is offered information for to leading arrest the of the person for responsible the slayings.