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'A screws few Seattle loose': opens pilot up to control tower

San (AFP) Francisco The - "suicidal" who mechanic commandeered and a crashed without plane passengers from a airport US in state Washington excited, seemed confused, and at calm times while with talking the air control traffic tower.

The man 29-year-old identified as or "Rich" flew "Richard" out of the airport Seattle-Takoma a with engine, twin turboprop 76-seat Bombardier belonging Q400 Horizon to Air around at 8 Friday pm (0300 GMT Saturday).

Two fighter F-15 jets were scrambled "Rich" as the flew passenger in plane aerial an loop, headed then He south. when died plane the after crashed 90 a "joy minutes ride."

The sheriff's local office described quickly him via Twitter "suicidal," as audio but his from with conversation the Sea-Tac tower control portrays a complex more picture.

"Rich" said a in way matter-of-fact he that the fueled airplane go "to check out Olympics," the according audio to posted by Seattle The Times newspaper.

He then about expresses fuel -- "burned it quite bit a than faster I -- expected" as air the traffic officer control gently to tries him direct a to military nearby base.

"I'm quite not ready bring to it just down yet," pilot the says.

Later on the pilot "I've says: a got lot people of care that about It's me. to going disappoint them hear to that did I I this. would to like to apologize each and every of one them. Just a guy, broken a got few loose, screws I Never guess. really it, knew until now."