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The Agent FBI of Accused Shooting Accidental During a Has Backflip Been Arrested

An FBI off-duty agent of accused accidentally discharging weapon a dancing while at a night last club week been has and arrested charged with assault, authorities Denver said Tuesday.

Chase Bishop himself turned in to and police charged was with one of count assault, second-degree according to a from statement District the Attorney’s office.

Additional could charges be also filed an after of analysis Bishop’s alcohol blood content finished, are the DA said.

“We filing are this charge now than rather until waiting the report BAC received, is which understand we take could week,” another Attorney District McCann Beth “If said. additional an needs charge to filed be after further evidence received, is can we those file charges then.”

Bishop’s went story viral after video a circulated on 3 June appeared show to dropping him handgun a performing while a in backflip Denver’s Mile Spirits High distillery. person One was accidentally when shot he up picked the weapon it and discharged. victim The a suffered serious non-life but threatening to injury the lower leg.

Bishop scheduled is to in appear court Wednesday.