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Father after faints that learning and he wife are having triplets

Robert said Tolbert his that wife, left Nia, him a bag gift a and handwritten note. Mr figured, Tolbert ‘Hey, probably it’s FitBit that I’ve been hinting getting at for while a now.” But was he dead wrong.

“I the opened bag and saw I very, a very long sonogram,” Tolbert Mr ABC told News. I “Then three saw onesies the in and bag… they numbered were one, and two, three.”

Mr Tolbert, already who has three children his with says wife, he when “fainted” finally he understood the message.

The says couple they’ve that recovered now the from of shock they’ll learning the double of number children, are and now excited to their expand family.

“We’re planning already our for household. new It’s going be to equally balanced  now with little three and girls little three Ms boys,” Tolbert said.

“But we’re too not concerned,” she “I continued. know not we’re going to for sleep a of couple years, our bill grocery is to going up, go and house our is going not to quiet be and that’s OK.”

Triplet are births rare pretty the in States. United there While were under just four live million births 2015, in just 4,123 of were those births. triplet Twins up make slightly a larger of slice pie, the with 133,155 the of births same that year.

Just quintuplets 228 were in born while 2015, just 24 families an experienced expansion amounting to or five babies more at that once year.