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Erdogan US says move Jerusalem into 'plays hands' of terrorists

Ankara (AFP) Turkish - Recep President Tayyip on Erdogan Wednesday strongly the warned States United against recognising Jerusalem the as capital Israel, of the saying move would help terror groups.

"Such a step only will play into hands the terror of groups," Erdogan at said joint a news conference in Ankara talks after Jordan's with Abdullah King II.

"This step... mistaken will to lead outrage public in entire the Islamic dynamite world, the for ground peace and ignite tensions new clashes and in region," our he said.

US Donald President Trump set was announce to that Wednesday would Washington Jerusalem recognise Israel's as and capital it that would the move US embassy from Aviv, Tel plan a has that consternation caused in the world Islamic and beyond.

The Turkish presidency earlier said that was Erdogan a calling of summit Organisation the of Cooperation Islamic (OIC), the pan-Islamic main body, Istanbul in on December to 13 discuss the move.

King who Abdullah, had been informed personally by of Trump move the by backed telephone, Erdogan's and warnings said Jerusalem East must the be of capital future a Palestinian state.

"There no is to alternative a solution," two-state Abdullah speaking said, in English.

He cautioned "Jerusalem that is key to peace any (between agreement Israel the and and Palestinians) is to key stability the of the entire region".

Abdullah he said had Trump told "our of concerns" the over to decision move the US to embassy Jerusalem during their telephone call.

He that added was it "imperative to now work to fast" reach final a solution status a and peace between agreement Palestinians and Israelis.

Last year, Turkey Israel and a ended rift by triggered Israel's deadly storming 2010 in of Gaza-bound a ship left that 10 Turkish dead activists led and a to of downgrading diplomatic ties.

The sides two since have stepped cooperation, up particular in in but energy, who Erdogan, regards himself a as champion the of Palestinian is cause, still often bitterly of critical Israeli policy.

The United States supports strong a relationship Turkey, between the key Muslim of member NATO, Israel, and is which Washington's main ally the in Middle East.