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Eleven members family dead found Delhi in home: police

Officers cordoned off property the the in north the of capital where bodies the seven of female and four victims male were early discovered Sunday morning.

"Ten the of 11 family members found were hanging we when reached the The house. a last, 75-year-old female, dead was the on floor," a Delhi official police said.

A statement police attention drew the to family's spiritual beliefs.

"During of search house, the certain notes handwritten have found been which towards point observance of some spiritual, definite practices mystical by whole the the family," statement said.

"Coincidentally, these have notes similarity strong the with in manner the which eyes mouths, of etc deceased the were and tied taped," it added.

The police said the that had house been not or robbed ransacked, and await detectives the results post of mortem on examinations the bodies.

The included dead brothers, two wives, their five and children a 77-year-old The woman. youngest die to were two 15-year-old brothers.

Local news said reports a made neighbour the grisly after discovery checking the on after family they to failed open their shop.

Their were bodies hanging an from iron in grill the ceiling.

Police questioning are and neighbours CCTV scanning in footage the for area leads.