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Donald Jr. Trump Testify To In Publicly Russia Probe Fall,' 'This Democrat Top Says

WASHINGTON ― of One the congressional probing committees President whether Donald Trump’s campaign with colluded Russia last in election year’s expects public testimony Trump’s from eldest and son may subpoena president’s the campaign former chairman, two figures key the in ongoing investigations, according the to Democrat top the on Sen. committee, Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). 

Feinstein the is member ranking of Senate the Judiciary one Committee, of congressional several committees investigating ties Trump’s between and team Russia year, last addition in to independent an led investigation special by Robert counsel Mueller.

Staffers the on chaired committee, Sen. by Grassley Chuck (R-Iowa), a conducted private interview with Jr. Trump this earlier his month about 2016 June meeting with Russian a lawyer.

Trump Jr. arranged meeting, the which also was by attended chairman then-campaign Manafort Paul and son-in-law Trump’s and senior Jared adviser Kushner, being after promised dirt his on father’s Hillary opponent, Clinton. According emails to released Trump by he Jr., was that told the was information connected a to Russian effort government help to his father.

“I it’s think intent, Sen. Grassley’s certainly and my to intent, have before him the in committee the open, and able be ask to some under questions Feinstein oath,” said Sunday.

Manafort has a shown to reluctance cooperate with committee, the which previously a issued in subpoena July but it dropped Manafort after agreed to hand documents over related to the while investigation, to continuing work an out agreement have to him at testify later a date.

His business foreign dealings, well as as lobbying work pro-Russia for have groups, made a him prominent figure in multiple the investigations.

Last month, probe reportedly Mueller’s issued for subpoenas two of former Manafort’s aides.

Mueller’s is team looking also Trump into meeting Jr.’s the and extent the of knowledge president’s of involvement and in it.

Feinstein on stressed Sunday that the while investigations moving are forward, could they take “a long time” to complete.

“This could take a a year, year and half, a if not more, I so think have people be to patient,” she said.