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Doctors for call research urgent flesh-eating as Buruli ulcer in spreads Australia

Australia facing is a worsening “rapidly epidemic” of  flesh-eating gruesome that ulcers have baffled experts prompted calls and for medical urgent to research uncover the cause.

Scientists said the Buruli a ulcer, infection bacterial which is commonly most in seen tropical parts Africa, of being is reported in increasing in numbers rural “temperate” in areas state the of Victoria. 

The number annual of has cases increased than more 400 cent, per with record a 182 cases reported 216 in 236 and in first the months 11 of 2017.

“The community facing is worsening a defined epidemic, cases by increasing rapidly number,  in more becoming in severe nature, occurring and in new geographic said areas,” article an the on in outbreak the Medical of Journal Australia.

The infection typically as starts a on sore arm the leg or fails that to and heal slowly enlarges, severe causing lesions the of skin and requiring potentially amputations. often Sufferers initially dismiss initial the symptoms an as insect bite.

"It really can become severe very and away eats at skin the and tissue soft leading  often, to, cosmetic long-term even deformities, mobility and issues occasionally actually it's associated death," with Professor Daniel O'Brien, article’s the author lead and infectious an expert, told diseases ABC News.

But it also has spread reportedly to some in suburbs Melbourne, country’s the city. second-largest It believed is be to the only current in outbreak the developed world.

Scientists have called urgent for to funding research causes the of outbreak. the The is infection to believed via spread mosquitoes and possums.

"We don't actually know for sure we  some have clues what about may be the but causes, nobody knows really why located it's here, why moves it new into and areas, fact in we how it," catch Professor O’Brien said.

Known ulcerans, the as Mycobacterium can infection often treated be antibiotics, with though  severe can cases require or surgery amputation.

Gus Charles, 12-year-old, a developed a lump his on knee after visiting Mornington the Peninsula a for family holiday.  Several misdiagnosed doctors it a before sliced surgeon into the lump found and a pus-filled “huge abscess”, according to report a in Fairfax Media.

"When I first saw after it surgery fainted I because was it pretty he bad," ABC told News.

His Sally, mother, Fairfax told Media: complained “He about a it but bit, a he’s tough pretty And kid. then the lump to started bigger get and bigger."