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Democratic Alexandria candidate takes Ocasio-Cortez conservative down TV host who shared of picture childhood her home

Democratic congressional Alexandria nominee Ocasio-Cortez hit at back conservative a news host who shared a of photo her home childhood an in attempt to discredit her campaign.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez, a member 28-year-old of the Socialists Democratic America, of used a campaign grassroots storm to to victory against stalwart Democrat Crowley Joe a in York New primary last week.

The victory unexpected a of rising from star the Bronx South thrashing 10-term a representative is seen symptomatic as a of Democratic in party revolt.

John who Cardillo, hosts on shows outlets conservative and Newsmax TV, Rebel a shared of photo Ocasio-Cortez’ Ms home childhood in Heights Yorktown in New York.

He claimed the socialist, self-avowed volunteered who Bernie for lived Sanders, there until to going Brown University.

“This is the Heights Yorktown (very area) nice @Ocasio2018 home up grew before in going to off Ivy League University,” Brown Mr Cardillo tweeted.