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Southwest leap passengers wing from emergency after landing

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) A  flight Dallas-bound made emergency an landing at International Albuquerque sending Sunport, panicked passengers leaping a from wing the onto after tarmac crew members screamed them at to away get from the passengers aircraft, officials and said.

Southwest Flight 3562 off took Phoenix from on Sunday night was and for headed Love Dallas About Field. an later, hour crew the noticed unusual an smell the in cabin, airline the said in a statement.

Passengers said they feel could heat the from shortly vents before crew the the said was plane to going an make landing. emergency were Passengers to told brace the as plane landed.

"I sent a couple out texts loved to that ones just you don't really to want have to out," send Brandon Cox said.

He it said an was (2.44-meter) 8-foot to jump the from tarmac the wing.

"I hit the really ground hard was and just shell-shocked I that just to had jump off wing the of airplane," an he said.

Video posted he on showed Twitter people a using slide to connected another exit. emergency crewmember A be can shouting, heard away "Move from aircraft the now!"

Passenger David said Fleck he surprised was to discover there no were slides emergency near exit the over door the wing.

The Albuquerque Department Fire that tweeted two people taken were to The hospitals. of extent their was injuries immediately not known.

Southwest said it worked get to passengers onboard another to flight and Dallas, aircraft remain will in where Albuquerque mechanics inspect will it.