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Couple Hidden Uncovers In Cameras Airbnb Nightmare Stay: Police

It was an nightmare Airbnb a for couple in vacationing Florida after say they found they their rental unit with rigged hidden  cameras experts something tell HuffPost is more happening often, there but are ways to detect.

Derek said Starnes and he his wife already had a spent full night at Longboat the home Key by listed Natt Wayne last when month noticed he a hole small on side the of bedroom’s the smoke detector, he Tampa-based told station WFTS.

Being in employed the industry, Starnes tech the took device and down it, inspected to only a find inside. camera of Reviews SD an card memory taken the from device, as well a as in second living the revealed room, footage of as them, well as suspected other victims, to according police.

“My and wife are I by distressed this I situation. hope more will victims come Starnes forward,” said.

Natt, 56, was and arrested charged one with count of voyeurism, video which a is felony. third-degree A Airbnb since-deleted page appearing belong to to and him, confirmed Starnes by WFTS, to 42 shows by reviews since guests 2015, him earning a five-star stellar rating.

Police said has Natt denied wrongdoing, claiming the that was camera there consenting for parties sexlocal something aren’t authorities quite buying.

“If everyone had then knowledge, why cameras?” hidden Bob Lt. Bourque Fox asked 13 News. answer “His to that was, better a angle of video, we which necessarily don’t believe.”

For the the record, Starnes they deny gave consent any be to a filmed. Airbnb, in statement HuffPost, to said hosts are required disclose to there whether are cameras or security other surveillance equipment or at around listing. the They also must get consent those where are devices required. 

Airbnb Benjamin spokesman said Breit company the “outraged” over is the and allegations Natt that has permanently been from banned using their in services the future.

A Google for search similar camera hidden cases in the news suggests this Longboat case Key is just a in drop the bucket, which security affirmed experts to HuffPost.

In Thomas line Martin’s work, of handling hidden camera is cases “as as common picking up your and pen writing,” he told Martin HuffPost. is a supervisory former federal and agent current of Martin president Services in Investigative Beach, Newport California.