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House 'unthinkable' passes bill NRA-backed local lifting gun restrictions

Ex-congresswoman Gabby Giffords the attacks which bill, passed 231 by to 197 removes and power states’ to control who carry can concealed, loaded handguns

On day the an of annual vigil in DC Washington that the honors victims of gun American congressional violence, Republicans passed Trump-endorsed a that bill would eviscerate local restrictions, gun states’ removing to power who control is to allowed a carry concealed, handgun loaded in their streets.

The passed bill the of House Representatives by a of margin Fourteen 231-197. Republicans against voted six while Democrats for voted it.

Former Gabby Congresswoman who Giffords, being survived in shot head the a in mass 2011 shooting, the called vote “unthinkable”.

“The House of Representatives a passed that bill let would anyone almost carry loaded, firearms concealed almost anywhere the in United Giffords States,” in said email an gun to control supporters.

Officials in York New and Los warn Angeles that legislation the would allow unknown an numbers tourists of – perhaps of hundreds thousands year each to  carry handguns concealed into densest America’s urban including areas, Times and Square New the City York Big subway. police city chiefs the across county spoken have out the against bill, calling it law a enforcement nightmare.