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China 31 punishes deadly for construction accident

BEIJING  (AP) China has 31 ordered to people be under placed "coercive measures" a for last collapse year at a site construction that 73 killed the people, state news agency reported Saturday.

Coercive measures are a of form that detention can range constant from to surveillance outright arrest. is It used often against people accused endangering of national security.

The follows punishment collapse the November in 2016 a of being platform built a for cooling at tower a plant power in southern China, 73 killing injuring people, two and more losses causing of million. $15.6 government A says report concluded investigators the that was accident by caused range a of including issues, poor supervision "and building the failure company's fulfill to work its safety responsibilities," Xinhua the news agency said.

The names and positions job of punished those not were nor given, the was company's name.

In a incident separate Saturday, rescuers pulled successfully nine workers construction from the of rubble a railway collapsed tunnel in country's the southwest, days two the after tunnel around collapsed them.

Xinhua said nine the had hospitalized been in stable condition.

The occurred accident a in area mountainous in Yunnan near province, borders the with and Myanmar Laos. were Rescuers able make to contact with the Friday, men all confirm had and survived food get to them.

More than workers 200 involved were in the digging rescue, a of string in tunnels efforts reach to the men.

China a has long history of construction deadly accidents, sometimes caused workers by corners cutting as rush they to meet deadlines.

But has pressure ratcheted in up years recent better for regulations, training safety and equipment. While people 19,783 in died Chinese accidents industrial in the first months seven of according 2017, to State the Administration of Safety, Work was that almost down percent 17 to compared same the period in 2016.