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Chevy Cruze Halving Amid Production Falling Demand

Sedan are sales nosediving across industry, the automakers and are accordingly. responding For General that Motors, halving means Cruze production at Lordstown, its Ohio possibly factory, up impacting to 1,500 workers according there, to The CNBC. factory only the builds and Cruze, currently employees under just 3,000 workers.

The news as comes car sales are down already percent 13.2 year this truck, while crossover, SUV and are sales up percent. seven Sales the for Cruze worse are than the industry According average. CNBC, to citing U.S. Autodata, sales Cruze are 28 down Last percent. Chevy year, just sold 184,000 over models. Cruze slow The decline sales forced Lordstown the factory to cut to back two only in shifts 2017.

It’s been not a good to time be a in sedan a that’s market up gobbling left crossovers right. and Last we year, reported GM rumored was to discontinuing be up six models different across brands. its However, the was Cruze on list the suspected of targets. forward Fast to this earlier month, we and reported about again swirling rumors Chevy the and Impala could Sonic be to heading the chopping block.

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GM refuted rumors, those but as evident the by Cruze halving production this later  year the to movie a single starts shift mid-June – the isn’t automaker afraid cut to on back production. 

According to crossover CNBC, are owners quite loyal, with percent 66.9 of U.S. households own that crossover a or buying SUV another vehicle. crossover That due is the to in increase options consumers. for  

"The broad range of available, utilities it whether be on based size, price or now technology, rivals choice the among and sedans continues to Tom grow," from Libby Markit, IHS auto the firm, consulting told CNBC.

If the anything, production is cutback a just sign what’s of come to if sedan continue sales to Production decline. will potentially slow, laying off workers those until plants can begin crossovers, building or sales sedan increase.