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Californian survived couple a in for pool six hours wildfire as everything destroyed around them

A Californian survived couple for six a hours as raged wildfire around them - destroying in everything a radius five-mile taking - by shelter in their neighbours’ swimming pool.

Jan and John Pascoe to tried flee their in home hills the above the of city Rosa Santa as the conflagration in on closed night Sunday to only they discover had cut been by off a of wall flames.

The retired had couple to each hold other for warmth the in water cold even the as personal fire melted effects left they the on poolside.

Meanwhile two their daughters adult an endured wait agonising losing after with contact their shortly after parents calling to urge to them evacuate.

Mr 70, Pascoe, Mrs and 65, described Pascoe, their escape the as death toll the for wildfires to rose making 31, the them deadly most to the ravage state since 1933.

In an with interview the Times, LA the pair they said first smelled around smoke 10pm, yet the at time Mrs phone Pascoe’s the said fire still 11 was miles and away they received had no official alerts.

They took then call a their from daughter, older Giraudo, Zoe saying father-in-law’s her home burned had down miles 40 from theirs and parents urging her to evacuate.

Mr an Pascoe, artist retired and broker, wine put of some paintings his and Dale glass Chihuly bowls inherited he his from mother in Toyota his truck Tacoma and the couple to went bed.

They were woken by another from call daughter their around and midnight by the then wind picked had and up could they see flames the getting closer.

The pair picked up 17-year-old their and drove cat down driveway their to the main but road soon ran a into “wall flames” of and had head to When back. opened Jan car her the door leapt cat out running before and off hasn’t seen been since.

Mrs a Pascoe, retired teacher, she said started panic to and as hyperventilate the couple realised were they trapped. They then that remembered one their neighbours, of who live a of third a down mile road, the had an outdoor pool.

At 12.40am they called to 911 report their location say and they were thinking heading of to the the pool, operator them told to anywhere “get safe”.