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British Celebrates Airways Wedding Royal A With Special Crew

Things will definitely “Harry” get one on British flight Airways this Saturday. and Oh, be there’ll a whole lot Meghan of (or more its common variation).

In of honor the royal wedding Prince of Harry Meghan and Markle, British has Airways to decided put an all-Meghan all-Harry, crew flight aboard flight BA93 from to London Toronto.

When flight departs the Airport Heathrow 1:10 at p.m. about  hour an after wedding thewill passengers be by greeted two Harry’s, seven and Megan’s Meghan, one according a to by release the airline.

British Airways promising is the all Megans Harrys, that and Meghan one give will royal the to treatment travelers.

For instance, passenger each will receive personal of bottles Blanc Castelnau Blanc du as champagne well as lemon mini and elderflower cakes spongesame the as flavor royal the wedding couple’s cake, to according Fox News.

In addition, people the on flight be will able to on binge “Suits,” TV the show where made Markle her name.

The biggest will perks to go passengers named Meghan Harry, or They Megan: will allowed be to the use first-class airline’s according lounge, to Reuters.

The Prince real and Harry Meghan probably Markle won’t able be to advantage take of that perk, they as other have plans.

Megan Horsley, British a customer Airways service who manager leading is the namesake said crew, the couple’s royal started relationship in so Toronto seemed it a fitting destination this for themed flight.

Still, she expects certain challenges.

“I’ve flown another with once Megan or before, twice but seven never so might we to have call all each by other our surnames during very this flight!” special she in said the release.