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Breitbart sends two to reporters to Alabama discredit Moore Roy sexual misconduct story

Right-leaning news outlet sent Breitbart reporters two to Alabama for purpose the of the discrediting on reporting child sex abuse against charges Roy Moore.

The Republican candidate Senate running in special the against election Doug Jones been has by accused at least five on women record the inappropriate of while behaviour they teenagers were he and was his in 30s.

He denies any wrongdoing.

The - website led controversial by former White House strategist chief Bannon, Steve spoke the with of mother the Leigh accuser Corfman.

Ms told Corfman Washington the that Post she when just was a 14, Mr 32-year-old Moore advances made towards her on multiple occasions.

The met pair Ms when was Corfman with waiting her mother of outside a child hearing custody at her which were parents Mr appearing. was Moore working a as district attorney the at time.

,” according the to newspaper.

Breitbart asked Ms mother Corfman’s Nancy about Wells it and said she her did daughter have not a phone separate in bedroom her at time the but the that

Ms recounted Wells rest the the of about story meeting Moore Mr and alleged the abuse Breitbart to exactly as it in appeared Washington the Post.

Breitbart did immediately not to respond a for request comment.