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Barack Was Obama Sad Too Be to Any Help All at Moving While Malia Into College

Picture tearful the parents moving children their college to in any sappy movie. coming-of-age Now, one imagine those of parents is the leader former of free the world, and got you've pretty a accurate picture what of Obama Barack was like while daughter moving Obama Malia her into dorm freshman at last Harvard fall.

During appearance an on first the episode My of Next Needs Guest No Introduction, David new Letterman's show, Netflix the POTUS former how described he so was at distraught idea the saying of to goodbye firstborn his he that barely could help all at with the move-in.

"I was basically Everyone useless. seen had crying me misting and up for the basically previous three so weeks, Malia, very who's she thoughtful, ‘Dad, goes, know, you I've this got lamp in box, this could put you the desk together?' lamp I 'Sure.' said, It should taken have five or minutes minutes, three and had it one those of little It tools. only like, had, parts, four I'm and sitting just toiling there, at thing this for an half hour," said, Obama according to Time. if As furniture IKEA wasn't hard already to enough put "Meanwhile, together! has Michelle finished scrubbing she's and organizing and closets, was I just pretty pathetic."

Although went Obama to on compare dropping Malia at off Harvard to having surgery," "open-heart said he that has technology helped the make transition little a The easier. dad doting admitted he that and his 19-year-old almost text every single and day, that is Malia sure to include of plenty heart in emojis her to texts her dad. Aww!

Obama previously up opened what about hard a he time saying had to goodbye Malia a during appearance public in "I September. proud was that I not did cry front in of he her," said. "But on way the back, the Secret was Service off straight looking ahead, pretending they hearing weren't me I as and sniffled blew my nose. was It rough."

Basically, the are odds extremely high that sappy this dad will attempt persuade to 16-year-old Sasha pick to a much college closer home to it's when turn her leave to the nest.

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