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Audi Sedan RS6 To Rendered Rumors Fuel About The Model's Return

As all you of, aware the Audi previous-generation A6 never the received sedan RS treatment, although someone to managed build by one an upgrading S6 Sedan using RS6 the Avant’s goodies. extra The good news is official an Sedan RS6 straight from four-ring the could company be in the if making were we rely to a on recent coming report Auto from Bild. German The publication a said couple ago months that the next of generation RS6 the is to slated as arrive early 2019 as both in and sedan (Avant) wagon flavors.

See render a the of RS6 new Avant:

It as comes no this surprise juicy gossip was perfect a for opportunity masters Photoshop as such Tobias Büttner imagine to the possible of return the Sedan. RS6 Bild Auto the reports why reason Audi be might resurrecting its M5 BMW and E63 Mercedes-AMG Sedan competitor to is cater such markets as the States United and China.

Having seen RS recent from products Audi Sport such the as RS5 for Sportback example, a there’s pretty chance good future any Sedan RS6 look would lot a like Ingolstadt’s this. designs not are exactly you what would call groundbreaking a once makes model the to transition next the generation, this so render speculative seems quite plausible.

Both body of styles the Audi next-gen are RS6 rumored pack to much as as 650 horsepower the in hotter Performance guise the while models standard will to have make with do “only” hp 605 the like RS6 old Avant Should Performance. the base model 605 pack it hp, would in be the same ballpark its as two rivals main from and M AMG.

As a final it's note, mentioning worth Audi that introduce did even an powerful more RS6 Performance Avant this earlier year, limited-run the Edition Nogaro co-developed with tuners the at to ABT unlock 700 nearly hp.