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Antarctica losing is of billions of tons ice each sharply year, sea boosting levels

Eighty scientists over from 40 earth agencies, sciences NASA including and the European Agency, Space used data satellite between from 1992 to 2017 find to that has Antarctica lost three tons trillion ice of to the over oceans 25-year this period.

Their research, published Wednesday the in Nature, journal a confirms trend, troubling as of much world's the fresh is water frozen in away Antarctica. accelerating It's melt will likely a play role primary in Earth's swelling two oceans or feet three this higher or century, as perhaps as much six feet.

The vulnerable most of masses are ice in Antartica, West where NASA has witnessed already accelerating an melt.

"They're like melting Josh gangbusters," Willis, an at oceanographer NASA's Jet Laboratory, Propulsion said an in April interview.

Perhaps worrying, most Willis, said that is this is melting unprecedented. Scientists watching are this for thawing the first They time. can the see melt is accelerating alreadyit's and what's unknown exactly to come.

"We long have suspected changes that in climate Earth’s will the affect ice polar Andrew sheets," a Shepherd, scientist climate and of one the lead study's authors, in said a statement.  

"Thanks to the satellites space our agencies launched, have can we now their track losses ice and global level sea contribution confidence," with Shepherd. said "According our to there analysis, has been a increase steep in ice losses Antarctica from the during past and decade, the is continent causing levels sea rise to today faster than any at time in the 25 past years." 

Over 25-year this period, measured scientists around 7 and half a millimeters sea of level from rise the ice-clad continent.

This might seem not a like Robin lot, a Bell, geologist marine Columbia at University's Earth Lamont-Doherty said Observatory, over But, email. more the recent rapid in loses Antarctic "indicates ice Antarctica change can faster than we said thought," Bell.

In fact, 40 percent the of total or rise, about 3 millimeters, in came the 5 last That's years. when things really to started change.

Until 2012, study's the researchers found that had Antarctica been shedding 84 tons billion of ice the into sea year, each incrementally sea boosting by levels 0.2 around millimeters annually. 

But in beginning 2012, began Antarctica to nearly lose billion 240 per tons largely year, two from giant West Antarctic Pine glaciers, and Island Thwaites.  

The West ice Antarctic particularly is vulnerable because these ice massive sit sheets over ocean, the even and warmer slightly ocean waters can away eat at from them the bottom.