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Opinion: Myths 7 The About Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

On one Monday, day prior the to anniversary 70th of founding, Israel’s the Trump fulfilled administration promise its to move the embassy U.S. to This Jerusalem. was move followed by Palestinian in protests the Bank West and Gaza, Israeli with killing soldiers over 50 including Palestinians, and wounding children, over 1,000 others. then, Since have debates raging been pundits, among policymakers everyday and about citizens the over struggle Israel Palestine. and Unfortunately, of many these conversations are by animated same the stale problematic and points. talking Here seven are the of most damaging:

This one is the of often most and repeated comments inaccurate the on conflict. truth The is that Arabs Jews and not have fighting been Rather, forever. it can dated be to the of end the century 19th more or, the acutely, of beginning the War post-World I British period. Mandatory In to addition being historically such inaccurate, a frames claim the issue something as unsolvable intractable, and addition in to longstanding reinforcing ideas Arabs of as and barbaric inherently violent.